Leadership and Management Development


coaching training workshops

Executive Coaching

Coaching that helps you understand how you can think and act most effectively and get to where you want to be .

strategy training

Management Development

Coaching and workshops for managers to prioritise, build skills and EQ, deliver results and engage staff

team building and team development company

Management Team Building

Team development that helps your team think through problems, forge team identity and work better together.

wellbeing and resilience workshops

Building Resilience

Based on the latest research delivering practical solutions and techniques to help you perform under pressure.

The day whizzed by which is a bit of a first for a training day for me, and rather than feeling tired at the end, I felt energised to get going with using the tools we learned.

Jo Cooper Compassion in World Farming
Jo Cooper

The feedback on every single one of the leadership coaching sessions was really positive.

Darren Poynton National Geographic
Darren Poynton

These sessions have been by far and away the most informative, enjoyable and successful that I have been involved in. The trainer just really knows his stuff and passes on his knowledge with ease and simplicity.

James Murray EMR
James Murray

The outcome was a clear set of stages and milestones that I needed to move through which I carried out and got to where I wanted to go. I never thought that working backwards could be so impactful and forward-looking.

Peter Desmond Director, Growth International
Peter Desmond

You did it again, I’ve got a team of Toby raving fans, but more than that they are all really buzzing and fired up after the training . Thank you.

Mandy Glover Cohesion
Mandy Glover
toby buckle coaching management teams

Who we are

Founded in 2007 we have successfully worked with organisations across the UK and internationally helping to develop resilient, resourceful and reflective leaders.

We need new ways of working because the old ones don’t work any more. Leaders are getting burnt out, organisations are in danger of becoming inflexible, people are less engaged. The problem is traditional leadership training often doesn’t change ingrained ways of working. We work in creative ways to solve problems that at first appear rather difficult.

Through executive coaching, management development, team building and resilience workshops we help you examine the psychology of leading, develop your emotional intelligence and build truly effective teams. We believe in doing this in a way that is based on the latest research, is enjoyable and that creates growth and learning. We work with organisations of many shapes and sizes, from household names to smaller organisations with big ambitions.

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Engaging and inspiring

We help you develop your leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

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Our Philosophy

Developing your leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience is essential because we believe

  • organisations need people who are engaged and have the ability to change.
  • successful people understand themselves and can influence others effectively.
  • those who think better will perform better.

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