Support for management teams and leaders. 

Leadership and Management Development, Team Facilitation and Executive Coaching 

Leading and managing now requires new ways of operating and high emotional intelligence skills.

Coaching, training and facilitation can help challenge your thinking and stay motivated.

You may well discover creative ways to solve problems that first appear difficult. 

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Executive Coaching

Coaching that helps you make decisions and understand how you to act most effectively and lead well even in times of uncertainty.

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Emotional Intelligence

Coaching to help you understand others, unlock motivation, regulate emotional responses and  influence more effectively.

team development workshops

Team Building

Support your team to collaborate better, become clear on purpose, forge a strong team identity and work better together.

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Management Training

Learn practical thinking tools, real world solutions and handy management techniques to help you lead and manage teams better 

Executive Coach Toby Buckle

Leadership development, management training, facilitation and coaching in Brighton, Sussex and London.

We work with leaders in organisations that are trying to bring about positive change.

We work by creating an environment where you can uncover and understand the answers to complex issues, and  create time to think about those important aspects that tend to get sidelined with day-to-day demands.

Combining the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and organisational development, with a practical and flexible approach to enable you to do develop your leadership and management skills, think through difficult challenges and build more effective teams.

Executive coaching helps you think through difficult decisions and problems. We enable your emotional intelligent leadership abilities to grow. We can also help you grow and build resilient and effective teams. We believe in doing this in a way that is enjoyable and creates sustainable growth.

We are against:

  • Poor Leadership and bad management
  • Imposter syndrome and feeling you don’t belong
  • Pretending we don’t fail and that we know it all

By enabling you to reach your full potential, we help you to unlock the full potential of your team. New perspectives always illuminate new solutions.

Founded in 2007 we have worked with hundreds of senior leaders and managers from across the UK and internationally, helping to develop resilient, resourceful and reflective managers and truely effective leaders. 

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Leadership Development, Management Training, Team Facilitation and Executive Coaching

Develop your leadership and management skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

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