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How to lead and manage in the 21st Century

We want a world where businesses and organisations are better able to contribute to a sustainable, healthy, happy and productive society. We believe this flows quite naturally when leaders invite others in their organisations to follow, through their own sense of self and the actions they take. By growing emotional intelligence and flexibility in managers, we help create an environment where shared learning and collaboration accelerates change in the areas that really matter.

Creativity in curiosity

Things work better when there is flexibly. There is no cookie cutter format to our workshops or coaching, each session is adapted for those present.

Collaboration for shared learning

Shared experiences and learning bring more depth and breadth to exploring leadership and management challenges.


It doesn’t have to be a heavy and overly serious venture, we prefer to create enjoyable exploration.

Meaningful leadership

We support you in making a difference for the greater good.

Holistic but not hippy

Real change doesn’t just happen in your head. True balance comes from working with body, mind and heart.


Toby buckle management and team coaching

Toby Buckle: Founder

I first became interested in leadership in 1990 when I studied Management Science at Manchester University (UMIST). After graduating I worked my way up to a number of management jobs in different industries learning a lot about the practical realities of leading on the way.

By 2004 I was in a senior management role and had taken many opportunities to get trained up in coaching and people development.

I began coaching individuals across the company and ran some workshops for staff across the group.When my mum Hazel passed away unexpectedly from a stroke in 2006 I decided to leave the security of a well paid job, and set up Hazelbranch to focus on developing leaders. Since then I have been lucky enough to work with leaders in organisations as far afield as Tokyo, Dubai and Singapore as well as across many European cities and the UK. I have learnt a lot along the way.

I believe we need resilient, resourceful and effective leaders in organisations that make a difference. Leaders need supporting to perform at their best. It’s often a lonely job at the top and the chance to talk things through, add in some of the lates research findings and theories and work out a way to apply these practically is key.  I believe my approach can help you see things from a new perspective and look to the heart of issues in order to produce results.

I also believe in giving something back to the community and I have been a chair of trustees, sat on steering groups for social enterprise and interview panels for senior appointments at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I now sit on the board of Brighton’s City Think Tank

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