Are you looking properly?

May 24, 2011

I recently lost my car key. I had just unloaded the boot and then couldn’t for the life of me find the key. I searched my pockets, likely places I might have put it down and had no joy.

This spelt trouble as I had also misplaced the spare key a long while back.

I eventually called the RAC out, as in the back of my mind I was convinced I must have locked the key in the boot. The patrol man very skilfully managed to disable the alarm and open the car, only to discover the key wasn’t in the boot after all.

Having rather embarrassingly waved the RAC man off I then set to really looking for the key.
This time I searched properly as I no longer had the sneaking suspicion I knew where the key was. Thankfully after emptying bins and looking under sofas I found the spare key in a place I am sure I had looked before.

I wonder how often in business we think we have an idea of where the answer is. We think we know where the top talent in the organisation is, or where the best place to find customers might be so we don’t really look properly. It may well be that if you did really look then you might well discover something very useful indeed, even if it wasn’t what you thought you needed.

What are you searching for?

p.s. I still haven’t found the original key.

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