How to Be Inspiring

Apr 5, 2011

This one day course looks at how you can communicate to a team in a way which creates purpose and meaning to what they do.

Using inspiriation and motivation to increase retention and really make the values and vision drive performance in the team.

The focus is on developing practical yet compelling visions and acheiving real team motivation.

  • By looking at the theory of team formation you will be able to identify where a team is and how to move it to a high performing state more quickly.
  • Team meetings will become efficient and effective.
  • You will be able to give the team clear direction and objectives, and an inspiring vision of now and the future to really engage maximum effort and engagement from the team.


  • The difference between managing, leading and inspiring a team.
  • Team stages and situational leadership.
  • Motivation and the benefits of engaging people fully.
  • Extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation and getting long term motivation balanced across the team.
  • Assertive leadership and its application.
  • Team building and motivation, looking at how the teams are affected by team formation and how to incorporate elements of team motivation.
  • Holding effective meetings, setting agendas, keeping on track, involving everyone, following up on actions.

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