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Facilitation of a strategic plan

Choice Care Group were keen to get help through facilitation of a board level strategy review meeting for the senior team and the partners from new owners Icon Investments. The meeting objective was to develop a new strategic plan.

Before the meeting: 

 Toby of Hazelbranch met Jonathon Green the COO for an initial exploration and approach agreement. Following that he then met the full board and SMT to work out how best to facilitate the strategy days. This was a chance to identify the key objectives of all involved and their preferences for how it should be best run.

 An agenda for the two day strategy review was agreed via emails to ensure the days were structured in a way to give all a voice, make sure there was room to air opinions, get different views and make clear strategy commitments.

 The strategy meeting was then held offsite at the Peterborough Hotel in Richmond over two days.

 By facilitating we made sure:

 The agenda timings were kept to, a challenging task in itself given the full agenda, whilst also making sure there was healthy discussion and input from all. 

  • Strategic points were captured, summarised accurately and reflected back at key points during the days.
  • Challenges were made when there were no clear decisions or actions or agreements reached or when group think seemed to be occurring.
  • Thorny issues were kept on the table and useful frameworks and approaches to tackle them provided. 
  •  Following up from the meeting Toby also helped to review the minutes and the follow up information to ensure the priorities of the strategy were accurately reflected.  


choice care group case study

Here’s what they thought:


“Toby did a fabulous job, navigating the nuance of the business, our investors and the sector with a deft touch. Toby has a great style, incisive and tuned in delicately to the group dynamic. I’m sure we will be working with him again.””

Jonathan GreenChief Operating Officer | Choice Care Group


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