Case study – Change Management | National Geographic TV

Coaching change management at National Geographic

We were invited into the TV part of the organisation by the senior management in 2011

The Issue: 

National Geographic TV International were undergoing a massive change process with the transfer of this part of the business to Fox Television.  

Hazelbranch was brought in to coach the senior team through the change management process over a period of six months.

What we did

Hazelbranch met with the VP and management team every six weeks to ensure they had the skills and confidence so that: 

  • the transition was communicated effectively to staff and managers felt confident to handle questions,  
  • key actions were taken in line with the goals and priorities set, 
  • management changes were handled effectively,
  • individuals could deal with their own challenges that the changes presented.

 This included presentation skills training to key individuals in the organisation to develop capabilities ahead of the merger and ensure they were confident to put their view and points across in the new structure.  

case study national geographic

Here is what they said..  

“”The feedback on every single one of the leadership coaching sessions was really positive” 

Darren Poynton | Director 

National Geographic


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