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Facilitation of strategic plan at the University of Brighton

We were asked in by the Sustainability Team at the University as external facilitators to ensure an independent input of ideas and challenges.

The objective of the workshop was to generate provocations for input into the incoming Vice Chancellor’s strategic planning process.

Provocations are challenging questions that will support the strategic process. In this case it was thinking deeply about how the University can embed sustainability into all areas of its life – teaching, research, infrastructure, operations, values and vision.

The workshop participants were from multiple disciplines, departments and locations across the University.

What We Did

The workshop was structured in a number of distinct steps to allow a good breadth and depth of creative thinking to occur within the time. The process allowed participants to contribute both in their areas of specific skill and interest, and broadly across the whole scope of sustainability at the University.

The workshop was fast paced but thorough and the design of the process by Alistair Duncan not only ensured that the provocations were delivered but also a significant amount of data was captured on the current state of sustainability in the University and the opportunities and challenges that lie in the path of moving to a truly sustainable University of Brighton.

case study university of brighton

What they said about us:

“I wanted to thank you for a great session and everyone was happy at the end of it. A job well done.”

Anna Stefanaki Environment Team
University of Brighton


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