Clear The Static

Jun 10, 2010

I am a firm believer in the use of the urgent important grid by Stephen R.Covey, It helps me to make sure I am prioritising my things to do.

Unfortunately there are things that never seem to get done. They are personal admin tasks and usually not urgent.

When I’ve got my business head on they are like static distortion buzzing away in the back ground. Sometimes it is good to get rid of this static by setting aside some time to blitz this non urgent and personal stuff.

I took a couple of days out of running the business last week to do exactly this. I focused on stuff like getting my car a service, using my ISA allowance and fixing up odd jobs around the home as well as going to see the dentist and doctors for checkups. These were things I had been meaning to do for ages.
I still did some urgent / important work tasks but mentally work was a secondary priority on those days.

It is important to do this every now and again as not only does it clear the static but allows you space to think about what you are doing and check you are in balance. Make sure you pay attention to health, home and relationships and if you feel they haven’t had attention recently blitz them. It doesn’t need to be whole days, just an hour or two could do it.

It is all too easy to be sucked into being busy all the time and forget about what else is really important.

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