Coaching For Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence development 

We have been developing senior leaders through for over 15 years.  We understand the nature of the job having previously worked in senior management positions for many years. We know developing emotional intelligence through practical tools and techniques works, so we make sure the theory  is translated into usable  tools and techniques.

The demands on you are increasing with all the changes presenting to the world. Our role is to draw out your expertise and support you through inquiry and challenges. We focus on the key behaviours and actions that we know will help you. 

Our emotional intelligence development will give you:

Clarity of goals and understanding of your motivations to achieve them.

Identification of key behaviours and thinking patterns which help you lead and ways of thinking that hold you back.  

Understanding others better to gain increased involvement and commitment from your management team and  staff.




“I have had the pleasure of being trained by Toby from Hazelbranch for the past year. He is a real expert in his field and his sessions have been by far and away the most informative, enjoyable and successful that I have been involved in. He just really knows his stuff and passes on his knowledge with ease and simplicity.   

James Murray | Manager | EMR

 “Toby is a very professional and personable coach and trainer. We worked together on my time management and a new structure to work more efficiently. With a mix of key concepts and consultative ideas, Toby has brought a lot of substance and clarity to my day-to-day which helped me immensely in delivering results timely. I would highly recommend Toby to anyone in a senior management role   

Anthony Blomet | Director | Montreal Associates


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