Facing up to a challenge

Jan 17, 2012

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Everybody has a different idea of what a challenge is.

I am running the Brighton Half Marathon in a few weeks time. For me the distance is a bit of a challenge, but I am pretty sure I can make it that far.

Trying to do it in 1 hour 45mins is definitely a stretch as that is pretty rapid for me and I need to train hard to come close to doing that.

What is more of a stretch, and indeed has until now been out in my panic/procrastination zone, is to use an event like this to raise money for charity.

Now this is something I know others have no issue with and it’s well in their comfort zone. I on the other hand, ran a few charity races last year but never asked others to donate. Something stopped me asking others to help.

We often assume we know what a challenge is for others and indeed ourselves. It sometimes takes a fair bit of soul searching and honesty to find out what the real challenge is though.

It is usually some form of limiting belief that holds us back. And it often transcends more than one part of our life. Breaking that limiting belief is a real challenge.

I am committing to asking others to donate to a cause close to my heart, Great Ormond Street Hospital who care for my daughter Georgia. Click here if you would like to know why.

If you are setting goals, take the opportunity to also think about what it is you are not doing, rather than just adding more to what you can already do. What is your real challenge?

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