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This management training provides evidence backed strategies and techniques that will help you manage better and become a true management team. 

Our management workshops are practical and you will have the opportunity to discuss and debate how you can perform under pressure. You need to have creative ways of managing that enable you to work successfully right now. You can learn evidence backed techniques to become more adept at dealing with challenges and have the ability to work through situations and to transcend day by day disturbances.

Managing pressures such as deadlines and targets requires a capacity to manage people effectively. We equip you with key emotional intelligence tools and insights to be  better able to deal with both your own and other’s emotions, understand motivations, bring about change, and develop others effectively.

You will learn the big picture of management and how it relates to you specifically. We look at what it takes to have the ability to perform under pressure.

Below is an example of a management development program: 



An introduction to the TRIBE theory of team performance which shows team performance is driven by identity. Focusing on the five key identity drivers (Traditions, Relevance, Identity, Belonging, Effectiveness) groups will discuss what is happening with these in relation to them as a management team, and Wakehurst and agree practical ways of boosting some of these factors positively. .

There will also be a fun but impactful way to learn about the core types of behavior that drive management styles by identifying archetypes which are then discussed with reflection on the group. This allows the group to also gain insight into the teams social identity and the way it tends to operate and the culture this creates.


Looking at the key areas that help create an empowered culture within the frame of developing individuals and teams. We will discuss and practice coaching skills, identifying when this is an effective method to use. The coaching practice is also chance for colleagues to get to know each other better and examine current challenges. We will also discuss and practice effective delegating and the delivering of feedback and how these relate to those they manage.


Looking at leadership through the lens of values, purpose, and mission. We will discuss how these relate to leadership and when and where this fits within their roles, and how it relates to what we have already covered in sessions one and two, as well as the importance of role modelling.

We will then come onto discuss management through the lens of expectation setting and performance management. We will look at the issues around effectiveness and delivery and how to handle these well and the managers strengths and weaknesses in relation to these.


We will look at how the managers operate in their professional roles focusing in on communication preferences, as well as assertiveness and impact. A practical session that will give people the techniques and strategies to deal with issues such as pushing back on work requests that fall outside of priorities and communicating with other stakeholders. There will also be an activity to develop an understanding of where things can become challenging.


Looking at how best to bring about and communicate change and mange peoples responses to change, This is followed by a practical session that also gives useful evidence-based tools and techniques for individuals to manage their resilience as well as map out areas where they find things more challenging.


A practical session that gives us the chance to cover any topics that now become relevant, answer outstanding questions and review progress and development. Including timeline planning for future development as well as presenting back on what has been learnt, put into practice and the effect this has had, to members of the leadership team.

What they said:

“I really benefited from your sessions at a particularly challenging time dealing with a staff-related matter.
I have been thinking carefully about what we discussed and looking at my notes. I feel that I am already starting to feel the benefits. The sessions have been enormously valuable; thanks again for everything.””

University of Sussex

“I found the practical focus of the workshop extremely beneficial. Toby explained concepts in a comprehendible, understanding and realistic way.”

University of Brighton

“An incredibly valuable piece of training – probably the best I have had ! A very good use of our precious time, with excellent buy in from all the managers who were on the course.”

Kew Gardens

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