Managing under pressure

May 24, 2011

Sometimes things don’t run smoothly and you get a few curveballs thrown at you out of the blue. Here are our top tips for keeping on track.

1.Take a step back.
Objectively putting all the things that need doing (work and otherwise) into an Urgent/Important grid and then actively prioritising really helps to
• Be realistic about what won’t get done, and make sure you spend time on the important/urgent things.
• Plan for when you will be able to do the important/not urgent things.
• Get the all important perspective on what really matters and accept the situation and that means you can be calm and feel in control and be of use.

2.Making time for exercise and eating regularly and healthily is important.
These are two of the things that often often go and you end up rushing around grabbing fast food and thinking I” don’t have 20 minutes to spare!” However they both help reduce stress, give energy and help to think clearly and therefore the return on time investment is great.

3.Let people know.
If people know the situation they can make allowances, help and also support. You don’t have to be a bleeding heart, but just a quick email to those you are putting back a bit, or a quick update where you are at when having a chat is better than pretending you are all on top of things when you are not. People relate to honesty and the human condition and it takes the pressure off.

When you find yourself overstretched give these three things a try.

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