Resilience Workshops

Online resilience and wellbeing workshops

These online resilience interactive webinars provide evidence backed strategies and techniques that will help you thrive at work and beyond.  This is a chance to discover what helps you most to maintain your sense of resilience, to have good stress management and robust wellbeing.

Our resilience workshops are practical and discuss and debate how you can perform under pressure. You need to have creative ways of managing stress that enable you to work successfully right now. You can learn evidence backed resilience techniques to become more adept at dealing with challenges and have the ability to work through situations and to transcend day by day disturbances.

Managing pressures such as deadlines and targets requires a capacity to deal with your feelings effectively. We equip you with key emotional intelligence tools and insights to be  better able to deal with both your own and other’s emotions.

You will learn The big picture of resilience and how it relates to wellbeing and find out how to develop positive habits around key resilience elements that help keep you balanced and have better wellbeing. We look at what it takes to have the ability to perform under pressure.

This is a key requirement in work right now with the huge levels of change and the additional demands being made. Our resilience workshops a focus on practical solutions and techniques to help people manage mental states and use the neuroscience behind the way we behave best under pressure.

We help you successfully respond to challenges without being knocked off balance, stay in focus and make positive choices.

What they said:

“I really benefited from your sessions at a particularly challenging time dealing with a staff-related matter.
I have been thinking carefully about what we discussed and looking at my notes. I feel that I am already starting to feel the benefits. The sessions have been enormously valuable; thanks again for everything.””

University of Sussex

“I found the practical focus of the workshop extremely beneficial. Toby explained concepts in a comprehendible, understanding and realistic way that made finding balance and resilience an achievable goal.”

University of Brighton

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