What is the role of a leader?

Nov 29, 2018

I meet many leaders and often the coaching focuses on what their priorities should be and what a good leader should do. Here are my top five things to focus on:

  1. Have a clear “vision” of where the team wants to be. This has to be able to be described so people can actually picture it
  2. Make sure you feel attracted to this vision and make this vision attractive to their team. It should provide  a common purpose.
  3. Ensure there is an environment in which the energy and effort can be channelled  towards the achievement of the vision and don’t allow ‘mission creep’.
  4. Check in regularly to see if  people are motivated to drive themselves toward the common purpose. Take action if they are not.
  5. Role model and embody the values and beliefs of the organisation and demonstrate these often.

How well do you fulfill these?

If you are interested in developing your leadership or creating more effective teams we would love to have a conversation.

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